In Dholpur, the majority of population lives in rural areas.  Agriculture is the main pillar of economy in Dholpur. The district primarily comprises of agriculture based industries and activities. This may be attributed to the fertile land of district. Among existing micro and small scale industries, the number of agro based units are 291, higher than units of any other category. The district also contributes high in animal husbandry with a large cattle population here. 

The district is rich in minerals  The mineral wealth the district is constituted by sand stone & limestone. The significant portion of Dholpur and Rajakhera sub division area covered by the alluvium of the chambal velly. Vidhyanchal occurs in the range which runs from Fatehpur sikari towards Hindaun, in which the  sand stone deposits area are in plenty. The red sandstone of Dholpur is considered to be of good quality and is widely used in building constructions, thus having cluster of stone cutting and carving in Bari. The district has many medium and small scale industries.

Industries/Public Sector Undertakings

Dholpur Combined Power Station is the public sector undertaking located in Dholpur City in eastier part of Rajasthan State and is situated above 7Km from District Head Quarter.Based on Gas This Project is Compatively safe in view of environment & water pollution. The Installed Capacity of Dholpur Combined Power Station is 330MW.

The district's large scale industries namely High Tech Precision Glass Factory, Rajasthan Explosives and Dholpur GlassWorks Limited. A company working in food processing is also proving employment to many people.